Tonight, Big Brother makes two players fight for their spot in the Big Brother Over the Top finale. One competition stands between them and the possibility of $250,000.  Last Wednesday, Jason Roy won his spot in the BBOTT finale by beating out the other remaining houseguests. On Saturday, he got the opportunity to choose someone to join him in the Big Brother Over the Top finals. He picked Kryssie Ridolfi.


This left Justin Duncan and Morgan Willett to fight it out on Tuesday night. Unfortunately, CBS has not released many details about the BBOTT final competition. We do know that the competition Jason won combined physical strength and trivia.

He answered a few questions and then maneuver balls to the slots containing the right answers. Most of the regular Big Brother final head of household competitions involve individual timed trivia and physical rounds. So normally, we would expect something similar to that during this round.

Big Brother Over the Top has been very low budget, and often thrown together competitions. Therefore, it’s really hard to predict what the final competition may be, and who has an advantage.

Nevertheless, it seems highly likely that the final competition will involve some form of Big Brother Over the Top trivia.  Morgan has the upperhand in a trivia based round.

Morgan Willett Big Brother Over the Top

Neither Justin or Morgan have been competition beast. However, Morgan has spent a lot of the final Big Brother Over the Top days going over trivia. She also won one of the more physical BBOTT veto competitions.

Therefore, we predict that Morgan will win the final BBOTT competition. She will advance to the finals with Jason and Kryssie.

Who do you think has the best shot of advancing to the Big Brother Over the Top finals?

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