We have finally reached the end of the Big Brother Over the Top journey. It’s been a very rough road to the finale. We have had a more divided house than we have ever seen on Big Brother.

Big Brother Over the Top Final 3

We have witnessed tears, feuds, and slander fitting of an election year.   Despite the intensity of BBOTT, one person will remember this season fondly because it ended with them winning $250,000.

Jason Roy has been the defining factor of Big Brother Over the Top. Many people came into the season wanting to see him win the game. His actions turned the season into those who supported Jason against those that didn’t.

As the sides and fans further divided, Jason’s side of the house garnished enough support to have the game favor them more than the others.

Now the results of BBOTT will prove whether Jason’s supporters did enough work to give him a win, or whether Morgan Willett will pull off an underdog victory.

Kryssie Ridolfi seems out of the BBOTT winner running. However, she managed to stay off the block as America’s nominee many times. Therefore, the silent Kryssie support might be stronger than it seems. We still find it hard to imagine her getting enough support to beat Morgan and Jason.

This year’s election showed that you should never be too confident when it comes to voting and viewer support. However, Jason’s support seems unwavering. He also has Big Brother alumni campaigning for him while he’s in the house. Therefore, we expect a predictable finale.

BBOTT Jason Roy

Jason will win Big Brother Over the Top. He will win the $250,000 and be crowned the first ever winner.

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