Tomorrow night, 13 new Big Brother houseguests move into the Big Brother Over The Top house. One of the houseguests will be a Big Brother alumni. We’re all excited to see who it might be, but could a twist send both of them back into the game?

Big Brother 2016-Jason Roy and Jozea Flores

Fans have been tirelessly voting to have Jason Roy or Jozea Flores enter the Big Brother Over the Top game. We expect Jason to win this vote. He has more fan support and did place in the top three finalists for America’s Favorite Player during Big Brother 17. This was a major accomplishment because pre-jury houseguests rarely get America’s votes for America’s Favorite Player. 


We expected Jozea to have no shot at making it into the Big Brother Over the Top house. Yesterday, after CBS released the Big Brother Over the Top cast videos and bios, TVGuide conducted an interview with all the houseguest. In the article, they hinted that Jozea and Jason might play the Over the Top game together.

TVGuide also interviewed Jason and Jozea about the possibility of living together. Jason, as expected,  didn’t respond happily to the idea of sharing the Big Brother Over the Top house with Jozea,  which is probably even more reason why CBS will do it.

Big Brother fans also pointed out that there is an uneven ratio of girls to guys in the released cast. Adding two more guys would make the ratio even. Over the weekend, fans argued in favor of CBS placing Jozea and Jason in the Over the Top house, especially because it’ll be the first time in Big Brother history that two openly gay men played in the same season.

If this rumor proves true, Jason will probably get some special power because he won America’s vote. Maybe safety for a week or two?

We’ll have to wait until tomorrow night’s Big Brother Over the Top premiere to see if this rumor proves true.

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