Last night, Danielle Lickey made the final players safe, resulting in a Whitney Hogg and Shelby Stockton Big Brother Over the Top nomination. This week, neither Shelby or Whitney are Danielle’s target. She wants to get Alex Willett or Scott Dennis out the Big Brother Over the Top house.


Her main goal is still to backdoor Alex, but that depends on who wins the power of veto, which will be played later on today.  Around 10 am PST, America made its third nominee.

America nominated Scott. Scott has been causing a lot of waves with his too honest strategy. He annoyed Shelby by telling her that he’d pick Alex over her. He annoyed Alex by making his devotion to her too obvious.

Both the Ball Smasher fans and the Late Night Jamboree fans joined forces this week to vote against Scott. Though, many still voted in favor of Kryssie Ridolfi‘s nomination.

After Scott became this week’s nominee, the veto players were picked. Danielle, Whitney, and Shelby were automatic veto players. Justin Duncan and Jason Roy were selected to play along with them.

Scott needs to win this veto more than anyone, because if Whitney, Jason, Danielle, or Justin win it, they plan to take down Whitney and either Alex or Morgan Willett will go up in her place.

Shelby has the eliminate three votes power, which helps her game, but doesn’t guarantee her safety. The Ball Smashers have been a little less solid this week, and Alex and Morgan will do whatever it takes to protect each other.

This means Shelby might be evicted if she trusts the wrong people this week. It’s going to be an interesting elimination.

Join us in a few hours for this week’s Big Brother Over the Top power of veto results.

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