It was another tough night for the Big Brother Over the Top Ball Smashers and the Late Night Jamboree! The night started with America and the Late Night Jamboree voting to evict Alex Willett.


Then it came down to Morgan Willett having to win the head of household competition that would keep Shelby Stockton and her safe. The competition involved memorizing details from a series of videos about the Big Brother shopping network. They needed to memorize as many details as possible.

The player to perform the best out of seven rounds won this week’s HOH competition. Everyone performed really well in the competition. It came downto a four-way (perfect score) tie between Morgan, Danielle Lickey, Kryssie Ridolfi, and Whitney Hogg.

The tie-breaker question awarded Danielle this week’s head of household competition.


America gave the house a big surprise when it voted Morgan as this week’s care package winner! The twist involving the care package was that the veto not only protected Morgan from the block, but it let her remove someone from the block. This basically saved Shelby and her from eviction.

Danielle had to make a tough decision and decide which one of her Late Night Jamboree friends to sacrifice. She decided to nominate Whitney and Justin for eviction.


She then discussed with Shelby and Morgan who they wanted out. They both said Justin because they saw him as more of a long term threat. Jason and Kryssie told her it might be better to keep Justin as a shield, and because Whitney could flip back to the other side.

Danielle then decided to evict Whitney. However, she wanted to tell Shelby and Morgan, so they wouldn’t feel betrayed once again. Morgan and Shelby really tried to get them to consider voting out Justin.


In the end, it came down to a two to two tie. Danielle broke the tie and sent Whitney home.

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