The BBOTT Late Night Jamboree has started to fall apart on Shelby Stockton‘s recent Big Brother Over the Top head of household run. Last week, the Late Night Jamboree was more solid than ever. They were scheming, plotting, and celebrating their easy walk to the Big Brother Over the Top final five.

Big Brother Over the Top-the Late Night Jamboree

During the Big Brother Over the Top double eviction, the game flipped. America gave Morgan Willett the latest care package. It granted her the power of veto, which allowed her to protect herself and someone else.

This forced Danielle Lickey to nominate two of her alliance members and evict one of them. She evicted Whitney Hogg, but Danielle made it obvious that she was considering evicting Justin Duncan. The actions of the double eviction have come back to haunt Danielle and Jason Roy.

Last week, Jason and Danielle also devised a fake alliance just to toy with Shelby, Alex Willett, and Morgan. This week, with Shelby in power, both tried to make real deals with Shelby and Morgan.

After being burned twice in one week by Danielle and Jason, they weren’t in the deal making business with them. They were, however, interested in making a deal with Justin and Kryssie Ridolfi.

They wanted to form a new secret final four alliance. Justin has been suspicious of Danielle’s intentions all Big Brother Over the Top season. He has constantly mentioned wanting to get her out sooner rather than later.

Big Brother Over the Top double eviction

Whitney and him even plotted against Danielle. So this week, when Shelby and Morgan told Justin that they wanted Danielle out, he was completely on board. They also told him how Jason and Danielle threw him under the bus to them. This made him question his loyalty to Jason as well.

However, Kryssie still wants to keep the Late Night Jamboree together. She tried to convince Justin not to trust Morgan and Shelby. She even convinced him to expose the new final four deal to Jason.

After hearing all the details, Jason worked to win Justin back on his side. However, the tension stil remains between Danielle and Justin. Justin has told Jason that he plans to save Morgan if she ends up on the block as America’s nominee.

He really wants Danielle gone. More tension arose after last night’s safety ceremony. Shelby decided to make Kryssie and Justin safe. This made it pretty clear that she plans to nominate Jason and Danielle tonight.

The tension continues to build between Justin, Jason, and Danielle. Even if they all manage to survive this week (which seems highly unlikely), the Late Night Jamboree is too fractured to ever all really work together again.

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