Earlier this evening, Shelby Stockton became the eighth person evicted from the Big Brother Over the Top house. She finishes in fifth place, one spot short of the BBOTT semi-finals. Now the Big Brother Over the Top players will fight for their spot in the finals.


It was rumored that whoever wins the first part of the final head of household competition got to bring someone along to the finals. The second part would be a head-to-head between the remaining two contestants. The winner of that round advanced to the finals, and the loser became the fourth place finisher.

Tonight, we found out which rumors were actually true as the final four, Justin Duncan, Jason Roy, Morgan Willett, and Kryssie Ridolfi, fought for their place in the finals.

So who advanced to the Big Brother Over the Top finals? And who still needs to fight for their spot? Read on to find out.

Host Julie Chen announced that whoever won this round advanced to the final 3 and got to take someone with them.

The competition involved maneuvering a ball using a rope and a bar. Each player had to try to maneuver the ball into certain slots. Every ball was color coded to represent a houseguest. The questions were based on the order of HOH.


In less than 20 minutes, Jason won! He advances to the final 3 and can pick someone to join him. We expect that he will take Kryssie. This leaves Morgan and Justin to battle it out on Tuesday night.

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