America chose to cast their vote to nominate and evict Cornbread. This sealed his fate in the Big Brother Over the Top house: He walked out the BBOTT doors tonight. Before America’s choice, Cornbread seemed pretty safe in the Over the Top house. However, a few anti-Monte Massongill and Cornbread Big Brother Over the Top houseguests decided to rally together to evict him.


This week, Monte was the Big Brother Over the Top head of household this week. He  wanted to protect Cornbread as his biggest ally. His failure to succeed in his eviction plans show that HOHs hold very little power in the Over the Top game. However, it can protect your Big Brother life. If Monte wasn’t Head of Household, he would have likely been the first evicted .

Shelby Stockton really needs to win this week’s Head of Household competition because she is the main one being targeted this week. Luckily for her, America’s nominations may give her a better chance at staying in the Big Brother Over the Top game.

It was a who can hold their crown on a picture the longest competition. It lasted for 2 hours and a half. The last three players were Justin Duncan, Alex Willett, and Neeley Jackson.


Alex won the second Big Brother Over the Top head of household competition. 

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