Big Brother Over the Top viewers nominated Monte Massongill for eviction. He rubbed a lot of the viewers the wrong way with his questionable ‘jokes’ about the other BBOTT players. The most specific offensive joke involved Justin Duncan.

Big Brother Over The Top Week 2 noms

This lead to not only America turning against Monte, but his housemates. Head of household Alex Willett nominated Shane Chapman and Danielle Lickey for eviction. She wanted to try to separate the first Big Brother Over the Top showmance.

However, Shane won Veto, this completely hurt Alex’s chance of securing one member of the showmance leaving. Now Alex can only hope for America to vote in her favor.

Since Tuesday, Alex and the Plastics have begged for America to vote out Danielle. The Misfits have begged for them to vote out Monte. We know that it’ll be a four to four vote, and America will cast the fifth one.

The votes ended up like this:

Shane voted to evict Monte
Morgan voted to evict Danielle
Justin voted to evict Monte
Shelby voted to evict Danielle
Jason voted to evict Monte
Whitney voted to evict Danielle
Neeley voted to evict Monte
Scott voted to evict Danielle

Monte Massongill was the second person evicted from the Big Brother Over the Top house.

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