Big Brother Over the Top‘s second live eviction sent Monte Massongill back home. The division between the BBOT houseguests became wider. The Misfits scrambled to one side, and the the Plastics went to another one. It was going to be a long night for the Big Brother Over the Top houseguests.

Big Brother Over the Top HOH

This week’s Head of Household involved players trying to correctly guess the length of the longest barcode. The first player to guess correctly become this week’s Head of Household.

The players had a 15 minute time limit. Everyone got one guess at every 15 minute round. Once the 15 minutes expired, they got another chance to make a guess.

They could pair off in teams, as well as use links, hands, and feet. They just couldn’t use anyone else’s links. The players began to work together to figure out the number of the correct barcode.

The first round, a few players passed the 15 minute limit.

The second round, everyone guessed incorrectly.

The third round, most people guessed incorrectly

In the middle of the fourth round, Scott guessed 72

Big Brother Over the Top Scott

72 was the correct answer. Scott Dennis became the head of household this week. 

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