Big Brother Over the Top current HOH, Scott Dennis, has a plan. He wants to execute BBOTT‘s first blindside. This would involve Scott naming two players as pawns. Tonight, Scott starts this Big Brother Over the Top plan.

Scott Dennis

Yesterday, during the first Safety Ceremony, Scott made Alex Willett, Justin Duncan, Whitney Hogg, and Jason Roy safe from nomination.

Today, he made Shelby Stockton, Danielle Lickey, Shane Chapman, and Morgan Willett safe from the block. He nominated Neeley Jackson and Kryssie Ridolfi for eviction.

However, both women are just pawns. They also know they’re just pawns because Jason spilled the beans to them about Scott’s plans immediately after he was told about it.

Scott needs himself, one of the Ball Smashers, Kryssie, Neeley, or Jason to win the Veto. They are likely to use it to save Neeley or Kryssie, which forces Shane or Danielle on the block.

Scott picked the Double Veto option, so two players will be given Vetoes after Monday’s competition. America’s nominee could also put a wrench into Scott’s plan.

If  America nominates Danielle, and Shane or her win the veto, then both are safe, and they can also save Neeley or Kryssie from the block. If Shane just wins it, he can save Danielle and himself.

If Danielle wins one of the Vetoes, Shane is likely to go up and another player comes down along with Danielle. So we’re in for a complicated, but (hopefully) exciting week.

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