Kryssie Ridolfi has taken her Big Brother Over the Top head of household power very seriously. It even lead to a small disagreement between her and one of her closest BBOTT allies. Neeley Jackson wants to protect Morgan Willett, who she sees as a potential Big Brother Over the Top ally for herself.

Big Brother Over the Top

Kryssie wants to protect Whitney Hogg, who she sees as a potential ally for herself. The two women clashed over who they believed should go on the block next to Scott Dennis. They both wanted to protect their potential ally.

Originally, Kryssie didn’t want to target Scott. She wanted to target Alex Willett. However, America made Alex safe this week with the ‘Safety Servant” care package. This created even more tension between the Misfits. It also made Kryssie rethink her plan for this week.

Kryssie set three targets: Scott, Morgan, and Shelby Stockton. Scott would be her initial target. If he won veto, Morgan became her new one. If something saved both Morgan and Scott, Shelby would become Kryssie’s final eviction goal.

She started this week’s safety ceremonies by eliminating most of the Misfits from the running.

Kryssie made Neeley safe
Kryssie made Justin Duncan safe
Kryssie made Danielle Lickey safe

Tomorrow she makes the final three players safe. We will then see Kryssie’s final nomination choices, and then the polls will open to vote America’s third nominee.

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