The first three Big Brother Over the Top weeks had the Ball Smashers in power. However, two of those weeks resulted in someone from their side going home. Last week, Kryssie Ridolfi became the first member of the Late Night Jamboree to win a head of household competition.

Big Brother Over the Top

However, the Late Night Jamboree managed to keep their side in tact until last week. This week, they lost another Late Night Jamboree member with Neeley’s eviction.

Now the sides have become more even with a 5-4 ratio. So the power could shift to either Big Brother Over the Top side.

The houseguests had to watch a series of clips on the memory wall. They then had to stand on their podium to answer true or false questions based on them.

First Round:  Alex, Scott, Shelby were eliminated.

2nd Round: Morgan was eliminated

3rd Round: Everyone answered incorrectly, so everyone remained.

4th Round: Justin and Jason were eliminated.

5th Round: Both Danielle and Whitney answered correctly. Both remained.

6th Round: Whitney is eliminated, making Danielle this week’s head of household.

Big Brother Over the Top

Danielle Lickey is this week’s Big Brother Over the Top head of household.

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