Yesterday, Danielle Lickey won this week’s Big Brother Over the Top veto competition by finding the three hidden items the quickest. This week, as head of household and veto winner, Danielle holds the majority of the Big Brother Over the Top power.

Big Brother Over the Top Week. 5 POV

However, Shelby Stockton holds some Big Brother Over the Top power, via America’s Care Package. The Care Package allows her to nullify three votes. With three members of the Ball Smashers on the block, it doesn’t really help her side as much as it could have if a Late Night Jamboree member was also nominated.

At the start of the Big Brother Over the Top week, Danielle wanted to backdoor Morgan Willett or Alex Willett. If she didn’t have a backdoor option, she considered evicting Whitney Hogg, However, Jason Roy and Justin Duncan used their influence to convince her to keep Alex safe this week.

They also worked on getting Danielle to take Whitney off the block. Earlier in the week, Justin tried to solidify his bond with Whitney by telling her that Alex and Scott Dennis made a deal with Jason and him. They also told Whitney that Alex and Scott threw her under the bus.

Big Brother Over the Top Week 5 POV Ceremony

Whitney right now still remains loyal to Shelby and Morgan, but has been plotting against Alex and Scott. Today, Danielle used the veto to take Whitney off the Big Brother Over the Top block.

Danielle then put up Morgan Willett as a replacement. Now either Scott, Shelby, or Morgan will leave the Big Brother Over the Top house.

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