Today, one member of the Big Brother Over the Top Ball Smashers leaves the game. For the past two weeks, the Ball Smashers have finally had America on their side. It allowed them to get rid of Shane Chapman and Neeley Jackson. Now, America has once again swayed back to the Big Brother Over the Top Late Night Jamboree side.


America nominating Scott Dennis instead of Kryssie Ridolfi really put the Ball Smashers in a bad position, with three allies on the block. Whitney Hogg also found herself at the bottom of the Ball Smashers alliance.

She decided to trust Justin Duncan more than the Ball Smashers, with good reason because Alex Willett was trying to get them to turn on Whitney sooner rather than later.

Despite Alex and Whitney being at odds this week, they held most of the voting power. Shelby Stockton won the Big Brother Over the Top care package that allowed her to eliminate three votes.

She debated which three votes to eliminate, but told us (America), in the Diary Room, that she planned to just void the Late Night Jamboree votes.

Tonight, Shelby eliminated Kryssie, Jason Roy, and Justin’s votes. This meant that Alex and Whitney cast the final votes. They voted together and evicted Scott.

Scott Dennis became the fifth person evicted from the Big Brother Over the Top house.

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