Who will gain the power this week on Big Brother Over the Top? Will it divide the house even more, or will we start to see some players migrate to different Big Brother Over the Top sides? Will the power even matter with America’s vote still in the BBOTT game?


This week, we have a Big Brother classic competition playing out: The BB Morphing one. Every eligible BBOTT player must look at a series of mashed up faces. They then need to guess which two houseguests make up that mash-up. The player to guess the mashups fastest, wins this week’s HOH competition.

The Late Night Jamboree have been head of household for two straight weeks. The Ball Smashers were also down a member following Scott Dennis‘s eviction.

They needed the power to try to gain a new ally or two. They also wanted to stop their side from being completely evicted by the Late Night Jamboree and America.

The Late Night Jamboree wanted to keep the power on their side. They also didn’t know how America would vote.

So which side gained the BBOTT power this week? Read on to find out.


Whitney went first, and really struggled to solve the puzzles. She ended up maxing out her 30 minute limit.

Alex barely missed maxing out with a time of 27:04.

Kryssie started off really strong, but failed to beat Alex’s 27:04

Shelby smoked the other three girls by solving it in under 4 minutes (3:42)

Jason did not do that well and easily couldn’t beat 3:42.

Justin didn’t quite get the rules, which made him time out.


Shelby is this week’s head of household!!

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