The Big Brother Over the Top power of veto ceremony may be an explosive one. Last night, Jason Roy and Danielle Lickey decided to have some fun at the Ball Smashers’ expense. They formed a fake five person alliance. They told Shelby Stockton, Alex Willett, and Morgan Willett that they would nominate Justin Duncan for eviction.

Big Brother Over the Top

They really plan to nominate Morgan, to ensure that Alex gets evicted. They want the Ball Smashers to suffer and go into today’s veto ceremony completely blindsided.

Sadly, the Ball Smashers completely bought into their fake alliance. They expected Jason to nominate Justin causing a big conflict between Danielle, him and Kryssie Ridolfi, Justin, and Whitney Hogg.

Originally, the Ball Smashers tried to ensure that Whitney got evicted over Alex or Morgan. They know Whitney already flipped on them, and she has stopped trying to hide her side shift.

The Ball Smashers even warned Jason that Justin would pick Whitney over him, which seems more and more true. Justin’s growing bond with Whitney does concern Danielle and Jason, but at the moment, they want to stay loyal to him.

Danielle and Jason even mentioned taking Whitney out before getting out Shelby. However, Whitney and Jason also discussed getting out Danielle sooner rather than later. Eventually, the house will turn into Jason and Danielle versus Justin and Whitney.

Around 1 PM PST, the veto ceremony happened. Jason used his veto on Danielle. He then named Morgan as a replacement nominee.

Tomorrow, Alex, Morgan, or Whitney will leave the Big Brother Over the Top house. Later that night, another person will leave as well.

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