Who will win this week’s Big Brother Over the Top power of veto competition? Will they use it to save Danielle Lickey, Whitney Hogg, or Alex Willett? Whose fate will be sealed with this week’s Big Brother Over the Top veto competition?


Going into this week’s competition, we knew it would be a balancing one. We expected one similar to those competitions where players have to grab balls and quickly transport them from one side to another.

This morning, the Big Brother Over the Top player picked to play in the veto was Morgan Willett. So going into this week’s POV, it was 3 and a half Ball Smashers against 2 Misfits. So who won the veto?

The veto competition was the usual players had to transfer balls to a slot one. For this competition, players had to carry two balls in a tube.  They had to make sure that the balls didn’t fall out of the tube. Otherwise, they had to reset their slot.

If they walked on the ground (not the balancing beam to transfer it), they also had to reset their slot. Once a player locked in ten balls, they moved on to the next slot.

The first player to fill out all 3 slots (30 balls) within a 2 hour frame, won this week’s power of veto competition.

It started off with a Shelby and Danielle lead, but a bunch of ball drops ended in Jason taking lead.


Jason Roy won this week’s Big Brother Over the Top Power of veto. He plans to remove Danielle from the block, put up Morgan, and evict Alex.

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