The first and only Big Brother Over the Top double eviction threw everyone’s game for a loop. It saved the Ball Smashers from going completely extinct. It also created a major falling out between the Late Night Jamboree. This tensions may allow new Big Brother Over the Top dynamics to form.

Big Brother Over the Top Shelby

The last few days have been very difficult for the Late Night Jamboree. It started when Jason Roy and Shelby Stockton had to compete in the BBOTT head of household competition. Jason beat Shelby’s original time during the first attempt. However, Shelby had technical issues before she passed Jason’s time.

This forced them to redo the head of household competition, but using a different puzzle. Jason also had technical difficulties during his second attempt but he had already surpassed Shelby’s time.

Shelby won that head of household competition. This completely screwed up Jason and Danielle Lickey’s game. Last week, they acted overconfident and devised a plan for fun. They formed a fake five person alliance with Alex Willett, Morgan Willett, and Shelby just to entertain themselves during the power of veto ceremony.

They achieved their desired effect. They got the best of the Ball Smashers and made them look silly that day.

It seems BB karma has come to pay them a visit. Yesterday, Shelby made her intentions obvious by making Justin Duncan and Kryssie Ridolfi safe. Danielle and Jason hoped they could make some deals to save them. However, as the saying goes, fool me once…

Tonight, Shelby nominated Jason and Danielle for eviction. Tomorrow, America makes its final nominee choice. Then everyone fights for the power of veto.

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