Last week’s Big Brother Over the Top head of household competition was filled with controversy. It started with technical difficulties that spanned the competition for two straight BBOTT days.


It ended in a Shelby victory, after going on until 3am in the morning, then being replayed the next night. We hoped that this Big Brother Over the Top head of household competition wasn’t filled with as much drama.

However, it would definitely be a dramatic one. It’s the first head of household competition where America doesn’t get to name a third nominee. It also secured someone’s spot in the BBOTT final four.

The alliance formerly known as the Ball Smashers was going into the competition at a 3-2 odds, which didn’t seem like an easy way to the finals.

To make things worse, as outgoing HOH, Shelby couldn’t play in it. It was Morgan Willett against Jason Roy, Justin Duncan, and Kryssie Ridolfi. Jason seemed the odds favorite to win this HOH, due to the other three players past competition performances.

No matter who won this week’s HOH competition, it would all come down to the veto competition.

This week’s HOH competition combined endurance and trivia.  Four of  the remaining five players had to answer seven questions. Once they finished they had to stand on a post.

Every five minutes, an answer would be revealed. If a player answered incorrectly, they had to move to a smaller post. After all seven questions were revealed, players then had to move every five minutes until they got to the smallest post.


The player to remain in the competition longest won this week’s head of household competition.

After the seven questions were answered, Justin was standing on the small post. Jason answered one incorrectly, so he was a few posts away from the small one.

Kryssie and Morgan answered all their questions correctly and remained on the first post.

Jason was the first player to fall off his post. He fell off while trying to transition to his next one. Justin fell off while staying on the small one. It came down to Morgan and Kryssie.

Both players remained until the final post. Both made it to the small one, but Kryssie fell off soon after. This made Morgan the new HOH!!!

Morgan advances to the final four. We expect her to nominate Kryssie and Jason. However, if Justin wins the care package prize, which advances him to the final four, and Jason or Kryssie win veto, Shelby will be evicted.


So it really comes down to the results of this week’s care package and veto competition.

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