All week, we have said that this Big Brother Over the Top week came down to Shelby Stockton or Jason Roy. Morgan Willett won the head of household competition and safety. The last Big Brother Over the Top care package gave Justin Duncan safety as well.

BBOTT Final POV Ceremony

This left only Jason and Shelby to worry about eviction. We all knew that no one would vote out Kryssie Ridolfi when they would have the opportunity to evict Shelby or Jason. Both have shown themselves to be very capable Big Brother Over the Top players.

Shelby has not only won quite a few major competitions, but she managed to escape eviction almost all the Big Brother Over the Top game. People were trying to target her since the first week of BBOTT.

Then they let her kind of slide under the radar. During the final Big Brother Over the Top weeks, she started to emerge as a great competitor.

Jason has basically kept his alliance mesmerized and wanting to play for him to win. Justin started to show some rebellion, only to get pulled right back into team Jason camp.

Yesterday, the final power of veto competition played out. Very early on, we knew that Shelby had no chance to win this maze competition. Then Morgan sealed her fate even more by placing last in the competition.

Big Brother Over the Top Final Power of Veto Ceremony

Jason won the veto. Today, around 1:00 PM PT, he used the veto to remove himself from the block. Shelby was the only one eligible to go on the block in his spot.

Shelby and Kryssie are now on the block. Shelby leaves the Big Brother Over the Top house on Wednesday.

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