The last few Big Brother Over the Top weeks have felt like a Shelby Stockton and Jason Roy war. They started off Big Brother Over the Top getting along fairly well. However, the tides quickly turned.


For awhile, Shelby still wanted to be Jason’s friend and work with him in the game. However, he grew to hate her. Jason constantly spewed venom her way at every opportunity. They were on opposite sides but never at direct opposition to one another until America gave Jason the care package that made them co-hohs.

That week, Jason won the battle by evicting Shelby’s main ally Alex Willett. Nevertheless, Shelby has won the last few battles and evicted Jason’s close ally Danielle Lickey. Now, the Jason versus Shelby war comes to an end with the veto competition.

One of them will leave the Big Brother Over the Top house. It just depends on who wins the power of veto.

So who won the power of veto? And who will leave the BBOTT house this week, Shelby or Jason? Read below to find out!

This week’s veto competition involved players maneuvering through a maze to look for three ears of corn. It was another individual timed one.

The final times were:

Jason: 1:30

Justin: 1:56

Kryssie: 2:05

Shelby: 4:24

Morgan: 11:00

Jason won the power of veto. He will use it to remove himself, which means Shelby will be the replacement nominee, and go home.

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