The first Big Brother Over the Top champion gets crowned in less than 48-hours. On Saturday, Jason Roy gave Kryssie Ridolfi  immunity from tonight’s BBOTT competition. He picked her to join him in the Big Brother Over the Top finale.


Around 5:45 PT, Morgan Willett and Justin Duncan competed in the final Big Brother Over the Top competition. The winner won the right to join Kryssie and Jason in the final showdown, where America picked its winner.

For the final competition, entitled ‘End of the Road,’ Morgan and Justin needed to run through a set of bars, which were designed like a maze/obstacle course. They had to run through these bars to obtain puzzle pieces and then place them on the puzzle board. The puzzle board asked questions about the evicted BBOTT houseguests.

The player to solve the puzzle first won this competition and advanced to the final 3. It didn’t take very long before Morgan was crowned the winner of this competition.

Morgan advances to the final 3 along with Jason and Kryssie. Immediately following the competition, the last three players said their goodbyes to Justin.


Then host Julie Chen came on the screen to tell the players that they would get to do final pleas to America. The final pleas playout tomorrow at 7:00 PM ET/4:00 PM PT.

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