The Big Brother Over the Top end comes with a whimper and a bang. The last few days in the BBOTT house have been boring enough to cure insomnia. However, the Big Brother Over the Top finale should jump start December.

Big Brother Over the Top Finale

The evicted BBOTT houseguests have not remained silent about sharing their opinions on social media. Therefore, we don’t expect them to go meek in front of Julie Chen, especially because this is some of their last chance to extend their 15-minutes of fame.

This is the first Big Brother Over the Top finale, so we’re not exactly sure what to expect. However, Alex Willett did hint on Rob Has a Podcast that there still will be a questions and answers segment. Allison Grodner also  told the Hollywood Reporter that there would be a segment on each of the final three, which would showcase their journey to the end.

After everything is said and done, the most important part of the Big Brother Over the Top finale will be crowning the winner. Either Jason Roy, Morgan Willett, or Kryssie Ridolfi will be $250,000 richer. So who won BBOTT? Read below to find out.

In a complete game shocker, Morgan beat Jason and won Big Brother Over the Top.

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