Most of the Big Brother Over the Top Late Night Jamboree and the Ball Smashers remain on opposite ends of the house. They refuse to work with a BBOTT player not on their side. However, Whitney Hogg and Justin Duncan continue to grow closer.

Big brother over the top Justin Duncan

Justin’s alliance members have started to worry about his growing friendship with Whitney. They worry that he might be playing both sides, and eventually join the Ball Smashers.

Neeley Jackson and Danielle Lickey have discussed Justin’s wavering loyalty. However, Jason Roy is the glue that holds the Late Night Jamboree together.

As long as Jason remains loyal to the Late Night Jamboree, Justin should as well. However, yesterday, Justin’s loyalty to the the LNJ started to show cracks.

Early in the evening. Whitney discussed with the Ball Smashers trying to get Justin to vote with them and get out Neeley.

Justin has been questioning Neeley ever since he heard that she planned to target him. Then Neeley wore a witch hat for a day. Justin is someone who believes in voodo, so he took her wearing the hat as more proof of her being trouble for his game. He repeatedly called her ‘creepy.’

Last night, Whitney began to work her magic on Justin. By the end of the conversation, he had decided to vote out Neeley and save Scott Dennis.

However, Jason then worked to turn Justin back with his side and vote out Scott Dennis. We expect this ping-ponging of trying to get Justin’s vote to continue until tomorrow night’s eviction.

Who do you think Justinn will vote out this week on Big Brother Over the Top?

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