In August 2016 it was revealed that CBS would attempt a fall verosion of Big Brother. It would be online, and only available to All-Access subscribers. As Big Brother fans, we were excited but cautious.



The one winter season of Big Brother made us worried about seeing a repeat of that one. However, the more details got released, the more   excited we got to experience Big Brother Over the Top. Being able to pick  between Jason Roy and Jozea Flores also started our investment in the series early.

However, the further Big Brother Over the Top developed, the more we weren’t sure we enjoyed this new show. Now that Big Brother Over the Top nears its end, let’s analyze the stuff we liked, disliked, and hated about Big Brother Over the Top.

The Ugly

Let’s start with the really bad part of the series first.

Anyone who uses social media knows that Big Brother fans can be very intense. However, we have never seen an intensity like the Big Brother Over the Top fandom.

If you supported the Ball Smashers, fans would call you racist, homophobic, ignorant and all kinds of names. If you support the Late Night Jamboree, you could find yourself being accused of being sexist, hating women, and hypocrisy. Some fans just took all of the joy out of Big Brother. It turned this lighthearted reality show into a much darker thing that it didn’t need to become.


To add even more fuel to the flame, some of the evicted houseguests became just as bad as the fans. They would attack fans who disagreed with them. They would encourage hate and even spread false lies about the other houseguests. It was like Big Brother Over the Top had became some type of Jerry Springer-level destructive program, but without the fun.

The Bad

The main reason Big Brother Over the Top became so volatile was the fan voting. The more invested fans became in the outcome of the game, the more ruthless, reckless, and cruel they became to anyone who didn’t share their views.

Without the fan voting, we may not have seen so much drama within the fan community. Even just a little changes in how much fans could voting on could have defused some of the conflict.

The voting also became a topic of discussion because production failed to completely lay out all the rules during certain votes. There was also last minute rule changes, and then changing those rules. There have always been people crying ‘rigged,’ but Big Brother Over the Top heard a lot more of those cries. And it was all because some sloppiness on the part of production.

The Good


Despite the glaring negative aspects of Big Brother Over the Top, there was a few positive things about it.

Overall, the Big Brother Over the Top cast had a lot of potential. Minus Whitney Hogg, the Ball Smashers was a very solid alliance and proved that an all female alliance can work and be likable. Justin Duncan never fully embraced the game aspect of BBOTT, but he was entertaining for most of the show.

Shelby Stockton was one of the most interesting characters from the season by being entertaining, strategic, and controversial. Prior to BBOTT, Jason Roy was a very likable houseguest. It was interesting to see his darker side this season, even if I didn’t enjoy it.

Scott Dennis was one of the more ruthless Big Brother superfan nerds. He was a quirky character to watch.

We can go on and on listing positive traits about various cast members, even those that we didn’t like. So we definitely believe that the casting went in the right direction for BBOTT.

We enjoyed seeing all the competitions and ceremonies play out live. It added to the drama and intensity. You felt the devastating losses as they happened, or you got to cheer when your favorites pulled out a major victory.

My Overall Impression:


At the moment, I do not expect Big Brother Over the Top to get renewed. However, if it does, I would have to take some time to decide if I wanted to deal with the drama of the show again. I love Big Brother‘s regular edition, and enjoyed some aspects of this one a lot.

However, the intensity of the fanbases just became draining. It almost became like a chore to watch the feeds. But never say never, Big Brother‘s original first season wasn’t exactly perfect, so I would be open to another season, as long as changes were made.

What was your overall impression of Big Brother Over the Top? Would you watch another season?

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