Yesterday, Monte Massongill sealed his Big Brother Over the Top nominations. He nominated Jason Roy and Danielle Lickey for eviction. Monte’s goal for the week was to evict Jason from the Big Brother Over the Top house.

Big Brother Over the Top America's Nominee

He sees Jason as the biggest threat in the BBOTT house because he’s a vet. As a vet, Jason has more experience than the other Big Brother Over the Top players. He also has America on his side.

Basically, Danielle was nominated because the other girls, especially Whitney Hogg, do not like her. Monte was also worried that Danielle and Shane Chapman‘s growing showmance would create a problem for him in the long run.

Around 10 am PT, Monte told all the Big Brother Over the Top houseguests to gather in the living room. They would be picking for the Power of Veto competition.

Before they could pick, Shane had to announce who America chose to nominate this week. The screen came on to show all the Big Brother Over the Top houseguests. It quickly stopped on a few BBOTT players before it settled on Cornbread.

Big Brother Over the Top America's Nominee

Cornbread is America’s nominee for this week.

According to the rules, Cornbread cannot be nominated next week by America.

Did America make the right choice by nominating Cornbread this week on Big Brother Over the Top?

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