Big Brother Over the Top Head of Household Monte Massongill nominated Jason Roy and Danielle Lickey for eviction. America nominated Cornbread for eviction. Earlier today, the Big Brother Over the Top houseguests picked the Veto players.

Big Brother Over the Top Week 1 Veto Results

Whitney Hogg and Alex Willett were picked to play in the Veto competition. This week’s Veto competition was called “Veto Vault.” The Big Brother Over the Top houseguests had to roam around the house searching for clues.

They then could make an attempt to guess a four digit number. The first player to guess the number won the Veto. If the players took longer than three hours, they would receive a clue to help them figure out the numbers.

Most players made attempt after attempt to guess the code to crack the Veto vault. In the end, Jason  cracked the code.

Big Brother OVer the Top Week 1 Veto Results

Jason Roy holds this week’s Veto. He will obviously use it on himself, which means someone will go up in his place. The two players likely to go up in Jason’s place are Kryssie Ridolfi or Shelby Stockton.

This Big Brother Over the Top Veto competition only lasted for about thirty minutes. The numbers were 2449. The code was based on 2 DR chairs, 4 magnetic letters, 4 sunflowers, and 9 fishes.

Big Brother Over the Top Jason Wins Veto

Are you excited Jason won this week’s Big Brother Over the Top Power of Veto competition? Who do you want to see go up in Jason’s place?

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