This morning, America picked it’s third nominee: Danielle Lickey. This reveal immediately sent tension into the Big Brother Over the Top house. The Misfits tried to figure out exactly why America choose to nominate Danielle. Meanwhile, the Ball Smashers were just happy that America finally voted in their favor.

Big Brother Over the Top

After the third nominee announcement, Scott Dennis picked the veto players, which were Justin Duncan and Alex Willett.

Around 1PM BTT, the power of veto competition began. The competition involved head-to-head battles to solve a puzzle. Before the competition began, Jason Roy (as the host) randomly drew names to determine the order. Scott also started the competition by announcing that this week the double veto would be in play.

Round 1: Kryssie Ridolfi went first, and she challenged Alex. Alex quickly won the battle.

Round 2: Danielle was chosen to go second. She challenged Scott. She won her battle.

Round 3: Neeley Jackson went next and challenged Alex. Alex once again quickly solved the puzzle. She won again.

Round 4: Justin was next to go. He challenged Danielle, and he won.

Big Brother Over the Top-Justin Duncan and Alex Willett

This left Alex Willett and Justin Duncan as the first and second place finishers. They won the double vetoes.

Justin spoke to the Ball Smashers and Scott earlier today. He let them know that he wanted to take Kryssie off if he won veto. Following the veto competition, he let the Misfits (minus Shane Chapman and Danielle) know that he still planned to use the veto on Kryssie.

Alex will probably not use the veto. This means that the final nominees should be Neeley, Shane, and Danielle, and Shane is Scott’s target, but the Ball Smashers and the Misfits would prefer Danielle gone over Shane.

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