Scott Dennis cause some waves during his whole Big Brother Over the Top experience. His brutal honesty, and sometime strange antics, rubbed some Big Brother Over the Top players the wrong way, especially Kryssie Ridolfi.

Big Brother Over the Top-Kryssie Ridolfi

Early in the Big Brother Over the Top game, Kryssie and Scott had a bit of an argument that has followed both of them throughout their Big Brother Over the Top game. They have become rivals.

This week, Despite their rivalry, Kryssie wasn’t sure whether to really evict Scott. He seemed like an easy target down the line. However, when Morgan Willett won this week’s power of veto competition, it seemingly sealed Scott’s destiny.

Today, Morgan took herself off the block. Kryssie then named Whitney Hogg as a replacement. Tomorrow, either Neeley Jackson, Whitney, or Scott will leave the Big Brother Over the Top game.

Kryssie wants to secure Scott’s eviction by making sure that the Ball Smashers and the Late Night Jamboree agree to vote Scott out. However, the Ball Smashers have debated about who they wanted to vote for to evict. Neither side wants to trust America by just seeing if they voted their way.

So we’re in for an interesting 24-hours in the Big Brother Over the Top house.

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