This morning, America nominated Neeley Jackson on Big Brother Over the Top. This sent the Late Night Jamboree scrambling to keep her safe. They also wondered why the BBOTT fans nominated Neeley instead of Shelby Stockton.

Big Brother Over the Top

Right after the third nominee reveal, head of household Kryssie Ridolfi, along with her nominees Scott Dennis, Morgan Willett, and America’s nominee Neeley, picked veto players.

They picked Shelby and Justin Duncan to play in the veto competition. This week’s competition took a little longer than normal to set up, due to it being an individual timed one.

The ‘Wall of Shame’  power of veto competition: Individually, players had to climb a wall, and then read questions pertaining to the first three evicted houseguests. They then had to climb back and forth to get the numbers corresponding to each answer  to the questions.

Each player had a thirty minute time limit. The player to answer each question fastest won this week’s power of veto. If a player falls off the wall, they get a three minute penalty.


Big Brother Over the Top Morgan Willett

Morgan was first to compete in the competition. She made it across the wall fairly quickly but answered one of her questions incorrectly on her first try.

Morgan got the answer correct on the third try. Morgan’s time was about 8:35.

Neeley was up next. She easily took longer than Morgan during her first question. Then while trying to get to the last one, she dropped her number. Neeley decided to jump off, which  gave her an additional three minute penalty. Neeley dropped twice, so gained a 6 minute penalty.

Neeley let also struggled to guess the answer to the Shane Chapman question. Neeley got all her answers correctly on the third try. Neeley’s time was about 20:16 with the six minute penalties.

Kryssie started off strong, moving along the wall pretty fast. However, she started by answering the Cornbread question wrong. She also got four penalties. She cut her hand and forfeited by standing for the remaining 30 minutes. She also got four penalties. Kryssie’s time came out to 42 minutes.

Shelby got across the wall at a quick pace, but struggled on the Monte Massongill question. She had the original answer but changed it. Shelby’s time came out to about 12 minutes.

Scott answered all his questions correct on the first try but moved a little slower than Morgan. Scott scored about 8:54.

Justin was moving the fastest, but started off by getting two of the three answers wrong. He basically ended up just guessing and checking answers until he got the right combinations.


Big Brother Over the Top Shane Chapman

The Cornbread question asked how many votes he got during the first week eviction. The correct answer is 9.

The Shane question asked how many players were eliminated before him in the ‘Live by the Sword’ HOH competition. The correct answer is 2.

The Monte question asked what day he got nominated for eviction. The correct answer is 13.

Final Results:

Justin: 30 minutes. Disqualified

Scott: 8:51

Shelby: 12:18

Kryssie: 42 minutes. Disqualified.

Neeley: 20:15 + 2 penalties: 26:15

Morgan: 8:35

Big Brother Over the Top Week 4 POV

Morgan won this week’s Power of Veto!!

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