Apparently, there is one more Big Brother Over the Top week where America gets to vote someone as a nominee. However, this week’s America vote was one of the most critical ones. This Big Brother Over the Top week is a important because it could signal the official end of the Ball Smashers.

Big Brother Over the Top Week 6 America's Nominee

If Alex Willett or Morgan Willett leave the Big Brother Over the Top house, this means that the odds of Shelby Stockton and the remaining sister making it to the end seems very unlikely.

The rest of the BBOTT Late Night Jamboree would have the power to steamroll to the end. Of course, they may keep a Ball Smashers around as someone they believe that they could beat in the end, but that’s not a guarantee.

Today, America made one of its last BBOTT nominations. America made Alex Willett the third nominee. Following her nominations, Big Brother Over the Top veto players were picked.

Shelby pulled Alex’s name from the veto bag, which meant she could pick who else also got to play in the Big Brother Over the Top competition. Alex picked Morgan to play with her in the POV comp.

The veto players are Shelby, Jason Roy, Danielle Lickey, Alex, Whitney Hogg, and Morgan.

The Big Brother Over the Top veto competition takes place in a few hours.

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