Shelby Stockton started this Big Brother Over the Top week with the plan to evict Danielle Lickey. She began her plan by trying to make a new final four deal with Justin Duncan and Kryssie Ridolfi. Shelby then nominated Jason Roy and Danielle for eviction this Big Brother Over the Top week.

Big Brother Over the Top Week 7 America's Nominee

Everything was going right for Shelby, but then, of course, America’s nominee had the opportunity to disrupt Shelby’s plan. We fully expected America’s nominee to put a big wrench in Shelby’s head of household run. It definitely did just that.

Once again, it came down to Kryssie against a Willett sister. All the Big Brother Over the Top polls predicted an overwhelming lead for Kryssie to go on the BBOTT block.

Last night, Jason, Kryssie, and Danielle begged America to nominate Morgan as their nominee to give Jason and Danielle a better chance of staying in the BBOTT house.

Today around 10:22 PST, America’s nominee got revealed to the Big Brother Over the Top houseguests. America decided to nominate….Morgan!

Big Brother Over the Top Morgan Willett

Immediately following the nomination reveal, Shelby and Morgan started strategizing to figure out how to ensure that Morgan did not walk out the Big Brother Over the Top house this week. Meanwhile, the Late Night Jamboree were happy about the nomination reveal.

In a few hours, the veto competition takes place. It’s do or die for almost every Big Brother Over the Top houseguest playing in the veto competition.

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