CBS cannot get enough of Rachel Reilly and they did not bring her back for Big Brother 15, but they did provide her sister Elissa Slater, so now it looks like Team Brenchel will return to The Amazing Race for Season 24, which is an All Stars edition! Rachel and her husband Brandon Villegas will be one of the returning teams and we know this thanks to a tweet from Rachel, which was soon deleted afterwards! Check it out in our Big Brother spoilers below!

Thanks to Miss Cleo, the picture was captured and we have some proof that the couple that never goes away will be back yet again! There is also a video clip on YouTube showing Brendon taking part in what appears to be one of the challenges for The Amazing Race Season 24. He seems to kick some major butt at it, but no reaction from Rachel though?

Miss Cleo also provided us with a picture of the happy couple in all their gear in China! If they aren’t one of the teams on The Amazing Race 2014, then they travel really weird! Check out all the pictures below in our Big Brother spoilers:

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