Dr. Will Kirby continues the Big Brother tradition by stepping in to moderate the jury round table. Last week, following Corey Brooks‘ eviction, CBS filmed the jury segment and Zap2it exclusively interviewed Will about it.

Will Kirby Big Brother 18

Usually, the jury segment shows semi-heated debates about who deserves and doesn’t deserve to win the season. This season we expect the same, but ten times more heated.

Last time we saw the Big Brother 18 jurors, the game discussion turned personal, as a huge argument took place.  Tension probably only increased the last few days with  Paulie Calafiore, Zakiyah Everette, and Da’Vonne Rogers sharing a house. So should we expect more fireworks during the Big Brother jury segment?

Will told Zap2It that “due to legal reasons” he couldn’t say, but he did promise that this is the most entertaining jury that he encountered in his four years as jury moderator. Will also said this about the jury:

This is the best, most opinionated, most entertaining jury that I have seen in my four years of participating in the jury debate. They are confused, conflicted and tormented, which is the sign of a good jury. When a juror comes in to this segment with a set opinion it shows lack of intelligence.

A great juror is someone with an open mind because it means that they understand that the show isn’t over and they still have an influence on the outcome. So, to answer the second question, they may reward solid game play but they are bitter too!

He also stated that some players he expected to be bitter weren’t, but those that he didn’t expect to be bitter were holding grudges. We would expect Paulie or Da’Vonne to be bitter, so this might mean that they are looking at the final three objectively, and people we wouldn’t  expect to be bitter, maybe Natalie Negrotti, Corey, and Michelle Meyers, shows some signs of being a little bitter.

This could lead to more interesting footage of the jury. We cannot wait to hear their opinions on the final three Big Brother 18 players.

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