The Big Brother 2011 Week 2 Nominations are in- and they aren’t a big surprise, since neither Dom nor Adam were very savvy about keeping their intentions of putting the couples (Brenchel and JeJo) up for nomination.

What IS surprising is the fact that the hinky votes on the Newbie side is still a very well-kept secret. You gotta feel a little bad for Adam, who’s on the outs now with both sides. The Vets cause he voted against them, and the Newbies cause they THINK he voted against them. I predict Dom’s arrogant nature is going to be his downfall, unless Adam goes totally off his nut this week.

None of the Newbie core group–Dom, Cassi, Lawon–have even mentioned Shelly’s name as a possibility of being the “traitor” to their cause.

Things are still heated between Cassi and Rachel and her new BFF Porshe. Cassi is mostly taking the high road, deciding not to stoop to the junior-high level Rachel and Porshe is currently living in. Cassi seemed genuinely puzzled what she’d done to Rachel to generate such animosity.  Without mentioning any names, Jordan told Cassi there were “certain people” who were probably intimidated by Cassi’s beauty. That some folks came into the house, believing they’d be the hottest person in the house. This might be the beginning of a rift between the couples, as Jordan genuinely likes Cassi-and Rachel while Dani want her out.

Okay– gonna beat this drum, cause if your’e still undecided about getting the LIVE FEEDS— this is the perfect time to give the FREE TRIAL a shot.  Suspicions and lies are flying through the house-as everyone tries to discover who is lying. This thing between Rachel and Cassi is ripe for a huge blow up.  Get ready.


Friday’s a big day in the Big Brother 2011 house. The HG’s also played  the Have/Have Not comp. The Have-Not’s for Week Two are Cassi/Shelly (2nd week in a row)  and Dom/Adam.  I have a feeling, even with Jelly Beans and Jerky on board, Dom and Adam are going to have a VERY hard time on slop.

One weird thing I noticed last night.. Lawon is kinda of a strange cat.  Every once in a while- he starts talking about himself in the third person.  It’s super odd..

Today is the POV– If Dominic wins– who will Jeff and Jordan put up as a replacement, since they’ve got a deal cut with both Cassi/Shelly AND Kalia?? Who do you think??

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