Everyone gets their undies in a bunch about nominations. But as we all know, in Big Brother 14 it’s the POV that matters… They don’t call it POWER for nothing.

Well, the new (is it real or is it fake) alliance between Shane and Frank will be put to the test this week, cause…

Well, Jani’s team’s had their share of it the last couple of weeks- but it slipped from her grasp today, cause…

SHANE–that unbelievable powerhouse–has won POV AGAIN!!  Can anyone beat this guy??/

And the thing is– he’s a heckuva nice guy– while apparently Joe and Wil both acted like sourpuss babies.. Joe threw a major tantrum (a la Willie) right after the comp.

This has HUGE ramifications–even into the rest of the game. If, indeed Shane and Frank are both serious about the F2 deal they cut (and my gut tells me that Shane is— and Frank is…for now.) Team Boogney (you know, there’s no good way to merge those two names) has the muscle to send Mr Top-Chef out the door.

So- jump on your LIVE FEEDS to see the scrambling as Jani’s team begins to turn on themselves.

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