If you’ve been a fan for any length of time, you know it ALWAYS goes this way. Big Brother 2011 is not any exception. The person who is down one week, holds all the power the next.


Big Brother 13 Daniele new HOH

Of course, of course Daniele won the HOH. How could it have gone any other way? The minute the HOH comp was revealed, we knew what the outcome would be. It was a competition for smaller people. When the guys began dropping one after another, and it came down to the girls–it was a done deal. Daniele is a fierce competitor. There has never been a doubt about that..

The results came out like this….

1. or 2. Lawon (have not) or Adam (Elf suit)– 0:06-0:22 minutes
3. Brendon 0:33 (have-not)
4. Jeff 0:49 ($10,000 cash)
5. Jordan 0:55 (have-not)
6. Porsche 1:14
7. Shelly 1:24
8. Kalia 1:34
HOH: Daniele

The question now is… what will Dani do??  She claims to be all about the game.. But Now that she’s in power, will she go for blood and retribution? Or will she cut deals and go after the floaters, as she’s always said she wanted?

I bet if we asked the Fortune Teller lady in the Purple room, she’s roll those big glowing eyes and say.. “Duh!”

The Vet couples have vowed to still stick together,and make no deals behind each other’s backs.  For now, that is sticking, but we’ll see how long it lasts.. Dollars to donuts, Daniele goes after the big fishes.. Jeff, Brendon, Rachel.

This will 100% be a VETO-heavy week. Whoever wins VETO will be safe. Whoever doesn’t… is gone…

If you have the FEEDS- watch today for the Nominations  and tomorrow for the VETO comp! The next few days will spin the house in circles and should be the most tense–wildest few days we’ve seen so far. If you wish you’d had them last night.. Do not fear!! SIGN UP HERE and watch the whole comp on the FLASHBACK feature, then on through the next few days as the Big Brother 2011 house is turned upside down…Yet AGAIN!

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