Jeff, Porshe and Adam will join Brendon, Rachel and Dani in the POV comp!!

While we wait for the Big Brother 2011 POV Comp today, I thought we’d have a little fun. But STAY TUNED for results of VETO COMP!


With Brenchel on the block, the VETO is everything.. Last night, Jeff and Shelly worked on Brendon a little, trying to plant the initial seeds in his head that it would be better for their side if he stayed over Rachel. That’ll be a hard sell, as Brendon has his research job to go back to, and Rachel has nothing. Plus.. I think that even if Brendon knew he’d have a better chance than Rachel, he would be willing to go for her.. But I’d bet my left big toe that she wouldn’t go for him.

The Big Brother 2011 house seemed to be in a decent mood last night, as everyone tiptoed around, waiting on today’s VETO..

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While we wait… Here’s some funny pics for your enjoyment….


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