The Big Brother 14 Week 4 VETO comp results are in! And dude…..

Or should I say dudETTE…

Danielle won POV!

Sounds like it was one of the trade-up comps, where the one HG can take a prize from the previous person out of the comp.  Which has resulted in: Ian in a Dog-Suit?. 5G’s for Wil. A Trip to Maui for Jenn (which Ian could’ve taken, apparently) Shane won a VETO ticket, guaranteeing him a spot to play in a future Veto, even if his name’s not drawn. And Frank? Well, Frank got a Cheer-tard. So looks like the big guy’s got a rough week in store.
And of course..and the Power for Danielle.

More on what everyone else got- and what all that means tomorrow..For now… Go  jump on your LIVE FEEDS and enjoy!



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