Today’s the Big Brother 2011 Week 8 Veto Ceremony, where Rachel and Jordan will come off the block. Porshe’s deciding to open Pandora’s box breathed new life into the Rojo alliance, and Rachel’s win assured the duo’s safety this week.

Shelly and Adam will, of course, go up as replacement noms and looks like there’s no question who’ll go.

Yesterday, Shelly pitched her reasons why RoJo should keep her, offering up WHATEVER they want. It was quite obvious, by Jordan’s closed expression that she didn’t believe anything her former BFF said. FLASHBACK 12:45 pm BBT yesterday

Later, when the two spoke at length to Adam, it was a different story. One of the first things Jordan asked Adam was if he has a Final 2 deal with Kalia. Adam stuttered and stammered, before becoming angry that Kalia told everyone about what was supposed to be a “secret.” What that did, was make him mistrust K/P, and in the end, decided things for him… and he agreed to work with the two remaining Vets. FLASHBACK 1:50 pm BBT yesterday.

Meanwhile (when they FINALLY crawled out of their shared HOH bed), Porshe and Kalia ALSO decided to keep Adam and vote out Shelly because…as they said, “Shelly is shady. She needs to go.” FLASHBACK 5:21pm BBT yesterday.

I am going to address this ONE LAST TIME, then I’m never going to mention it again… The threats against Shelly’s family and the person who is campaigning to have her daughter taken away from her, are the ramblings of some nut-jobs who need serious mental help. NOTHING that happens in the game should affect a person’s real life outside. Regardless of how she played the game, threatening her family is absurd and ridiculous, and these people should be brought to the attention of the authorities.

P/K plan to try to get Rachel NOT to use the POV, and promise they’ll keep her. Yuh-okay. I’m real sure that will fly. This week is pretty much a done deal, and now everything falls on winning competitions. The next Big Brother 2011 HOH is crucial to both sides. The winner of this weeks’s HOH is automatically in the F4. This week is also a tie-vote week, so the HOH has a lot of power, in that if it ends up being a tie-vote, the HOH will determine who’ll go with them.

Stay close to your LIVE FEEDS the next few days, to see what RoJo ultimately decide. Or SIGN UP HERE for you FREE TRIAL!

NEXT week, though the HOH winner earns an automatic spot in the F3, but the real power resides with the POV winner. That person is the sole vote for who goes and who stays. So.. the POV winner decides who will compete with themselves..and the the F3 matchup, AND they can also play for the next, F3, HOH. And, as we all know, the winner of the LAST HOH determines who will sit beside them in front of the jury. In the final weeks, the HG’s must worry just as much who is NOT in the house, as who is IN the house. NOW is when you REALLY start thinking about the Jury.

So you see, everything from here on out is about winning competitions… Manipulation and mind games don’t matter nearly as much as busting your butt to win comps, and whoever does win those crucial comps will likely deserve the respect of the Jury.

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