Man! It’s really coming down to it, in our Big Brother 2011 season.

UPDATE– Adam did NOT use VETO, pretty much guaranteeing Kalia’s eviction this week.

Today’s VETO Ceremony will solidify Adam’s committment (or non-commitment) to the Jorachel alliance. If I was a betting chick–and it so happens that I am–I’d bet my left butt-cheek that we’ll see the big bacon-lover choosing NOT to use the POV, hitching his wagon to the Jorachel train and thereby cursing the trio to three more days of a begging Kalia.. (And woo-what begging! While Porshe has decided to lay low, Kalia does…not…stop.. with the yappity-yap, devolving into tears and yep.. I wasn’t joking.. Begging.) Last night at 1:20am BBT FLASHBACK, Kalia made her big “circle of trust” move with Adam. She, in a big mysterious gesture, showed him that she was the one who has the black queen from the chess set. She undoubtedly expected it to be a huge…WOW.. moment, but Adam was like.. oookayy.

I doubt it will save her. Jordan, Rachel and Adam have pretty much decided that she is the biggest roadblock in their way. The upcoming HOH is almost certainly questions. Kalia is good at questions, ergo–in their minds, Kalia must go.

BUT WAIT!! It’ won’t BE three more days.  It’ll be ONE day.. If you remember from previous seasons, this week we normally have a double-eviction of sorts, as the HG’s tape an eviction ceremony on Tuesday for airing on Wednesday.

Wednesday’s show will take the HG’s down to F4, followed the next night by the last HOH  of the Big Brother 2011 season, before the three-part F3, finale on Sept 15th. Check out the FEEDS today for the VETO fallout!

Before that happens…Let’s talk about what I believe are the HG’s best shot at winning the end game, and who they should take to F2.

Kalia-– well, she won’t be there. But if a miracle happens- then she could take anyone but Rachel, and she’d win.

Porshe–her best bet is against Jordan. Against Adam, it’s possible the Vets might reward his loyalty- and end-game comp victories. Against Rachel, she loses.

Adam–against Porshe, Kalia or Rachel, he’s playing for second. His ONLY shot at winning is against Jordan–since he’d have to win out against Rachel to get there.

Jordan-– Unless she wins the next two comps. I don’t see it happening. She’s playing for second, and she’s told Rachel she’s fine with Rachel winning.

Rachel-– If Rachel’s sitting in one of the F2 Chairs, it’s a lock. She’s fought since day one and if she makes it… She deserves to win!



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