There is some big wheeling and dealing going on tonight in Big Brother 2010.

The turmoil caused by Andrew’s crazy (but honest) departure speech continues…

UPDATES on POV will follow all day!

**UPDATE** Britney did NOT use the POV..  She and Rachel had a last minute talk, and Rachel had grave reservations about putting Kathy up against Kristin. Rachel wants Kristin GONE, and she is most likely to be gone. Frankly, I am tired about her whining about how she has no job, no money, no boyfriend

sSister.. you did that to yourself. Rachel is not my favorite person, but Jeez-Louise.. She apologized to you.. and She is the HOH! You refused to accept her apology, and therefore wrote your own ticket home, and HELLO.. the boyfriend.. uh… yeah.. if I saw my boyfriend under the covers with another girl writhing around night after night??? Sorry.. if you lost him, that is your fault, too..  This was just not your game, sugar..

Whereas Brit is playing it cool as a cucumber right now.. she went from the hottest of hotseats, to everyone’s favorite alliance partner..

Kristin backstabbing her "BFF"

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Rachel and Kristin continued sniping together over the last couple of days.

begging for her life

Britney got sick of the begging--

With Britney’s POV win, things looked pretty settled- with Kristin going home.

Kristin has spent the last day begging for her life in the house, crying about how she has left everything behind, and if she goes home before jury house, she will have nothing.

Now… new deals are being slung around. Last night, Krayden went to Brenchel and cut a major deal, and have included Britney in it. The details are..Britney takes Hayden down, and Rachel puts up Kathy. Kristin stays, Kathy goes, and Brendan and Rachel are safe for the next two weeks.. Right..

As soon as Kristin and Hayden left the HOH with this new deal hot in their hands, they laughed at how naive Brenchel were, and promised that whomever wins the next HOH, they will go back on their word, and go after Brendan and Rachel.

Enzo and Lane are not happy about the secret meetings going on, and are trying to pry Hayden away from Kristin. They believe his attachment to her is detrimental to “The Brigade”. They are still trying to convince Britney not to use the POV, so they can get rid of Kristin and get it back to “Bros before Ho’s”.. It is very likely that the remaining members of the brigade will vote out Kristin to bring Hayden back to the Brigade fold

Come on… Brendan and Rachel,  duh.. of COURSE they are all going after you.. This is Big Brother.

Jump on the LIVE FEEDS now, to see who is lying, who is double dealing, who is getting the shaft..

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