Well– *sigh* I wish I had more good news to share from the Big Brother 14 House…

But it looks as if nothing much has changed. I’m betting the vote tomorrow will come down to a 2-2 tie, with Ian dropping the final hammer on our boy. This way, Dan can cull Frank’s jury vote in the end. Though I still don’t think Dan has a chance in hell against anyone but Frank and perhaps…perHAPS Joe. Which is why I believe, in outing Frank, “the King” is making his final…fatal…move.

What else? What else?? Oh yeah…Danielle will NOT shut up, and is luxuriating in the fact that she’s “the only girl left in the house.” (Uh.. Okay…) Oh yeah, and she’s still staring into the mirror and picking at her face, while praying that Shane will finally “make the big move.”  Shane–for his part–seems to still harbor his  “ewww” mentality every time she gets near him. (can you blame him?)


Now, Maybe that was a bit mean of me– but ARGHH! You have GOT to be kidding me..

**UPDATED: OK- I’m fixing to rant, ya’ll, so get ready..**

Last night Danielle whined on and on to Shane about how Frank is coming on to her. Oh really, Danielle? REALLY?? Well sure.. I believe you. Cause, Jeez-Louise- you were looking ALL kinds of hot just then, so how could he possibly resist?

OK- guys. Can ya’ll please excuse me for just a second, cause I’m fixing to talk privately to Danielle-girl to girl.  Just cover your ears, I won’t be but a minute.

Danielle honey. Bless your heart.. Let’s me and you talk some truth for a moment, shall we? I’m sorry, sugah- but Shane ain’t gonna get jealous of you, baby. You could give every guy in the house a daily lap dance and it ain’t gonna happen. I mean, come on– you’ve done everything but rub his nose in it, like a naughty puppy. You even tried to get him to get jealous of the time you spent with WIL.. With WIL????

So– let’s tell some truths here, just between me and you.. FRANK don’t want it. JOE don’t want it. IAN wouldn’t know what to do with it if he DID get it.. and even HE don’t want it. And sweetie-pie, no matter what you do. How hard you try….SHANE don’t want none of it either. He just (as some of my amazing, astute commenters have mentioned-talking about YOU, Susan, Similligan, fiona) doesn’t want you to turn on him and vote him out..


For all that is Good. Holy. And DECENT in this world–Danielle……SHUT. THE  HELL. UP!!

*OK, rant over, ya’ll can come back in now.*


Ian is hiding. Joe still isn’t washing and Dan–well, Dan is in a pretty damn good spot–and is probably gonna coast all the way to the end. But likely not the win.

With only two weeks left in the game–the one bit of good news is that we have at least one Double Eviction coming—and we’re likely to see lots of fireworks tomorrow night–after Frank learns he was duped (once again)–by people he tried to trust.

I could not be sicker of Danielle. Truly. Not only is she hard to look at, with that Mount Vesuvius on her face, and listen to–with that fake little-girl voice–Her attitude–(constantly trash-talking Frank. Calling him ugly. Calling him nasty. Calling him a red-haired freak) has left such a horrific taste in my mouth–that if by some freak of nature she ends up winning this game,  I’d advise everyone to buy stock in Pepto-Bismol, since sales are gonna go through the roof when  the stomachs of BB fans all over the world curdle in disgust.

That leads us to this question. “Who’s left to root for?”

I–for one–usually have issues rooting for a BB player who is not a fan. But the only true fans left in the house are Frank (almost gone) Dan (an amazing player, but so shady I just can’t go there) and Ian–(who has declared Matt H. and Shelly–two of the most despicable players of all time) as his role-models.

Then who is left, you ask?

Shane? Who never even heard of Big Brother before he was recruited for his looks?

Joe? I mean, come ON!!

And Jenn…Another recruitee, who had at least watched the show in the past.

Jenn at least is trying to save Frank. Last night, she pitched to both Dan and Danielle once more how it would be a good idea to keep Frank for one more week. Jenn has one thing going for her….Her loyalty. And in this particular season, that is such a rare quality–I guess I have to send my vote her way. Sure, it’s the lesser of evils. But it’s better than the alternatives….

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