Hey guys,

Of course you know I had to step in here and offer my two cents on the unprecedented events happening in the Big Brother 15 World.


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First… To all you LIVE FEED viewers:

For years, we have been but a fraction of the massive horde of network-only viewers, who watch the show, and think it nothing but a silly program full of pretty people and fun little games.

This season, I believe CBS is finally giving that  viewer a taste of what we loyal LIVE FEEDERS have always known.

Big Brother  is no Wipeout.

It is a fishbowl we can peer into at any time of the day or night to witness people at their best and, more commonly, worst.

Over the years, we’ve seen bravery and courage. We’ve stood as silent witnesses when people’s psyches cracked. Yes, we’ve watched treachery and betrayal. But we’ve also cheered when loyalty and decency prevailed.
Often we raged at the fact that the network-only viewer saw only dibs and dabs. Only tiny trickles of the truth.

Of course, that is still true to an extent. Yes, CBS did a brave thing…the right thing… In revealing the racism and bigotry within the BB House this season.
It’s the tip of the iceberg. But for the first time in the history of the show, it is–at least– visible.
And I say Bravo to that.

Big Brother is different from all other reality shows, most of which are scripted to some degree.
But with the  24/7 LIVE FEED coverage, the contestants on Big Brother have no where to hide.

And you must remember, these are REAL people, with real issues.
Two of them–Aaryn and Gina Marie, the worst offenders–have been fired from their REAL jobs. They will likely be ostracized.  Shunned. Perhaps lose their homes.
That’s real as it gets, folks.


Now, they went on this show KNOWING they were going to reside in the fishbowl.  And yet, they continue to reveal their ugly, despicable nature for all the world to see. I cannot even imagine.
Big Brother was originally created as a scientific experiment. Lock a dozen or so people in a house. Cut them off from all outside communication.  Dangle a load of cash in front of them. And see what they would do, how far they will go, to win.

Pretty far as it turns out.

Since its inception,  the network show  has morphed into a fun, kooky program one can chuckle at after a hard days work.
Up to now, the ugly underbelly has mostly remained hidden.
Not this season.

I’d like to give a big ole KUDOS to CBS and Big Brother for their honesty. For airing truth.  I know it shocked a lot of people. Some disagree with showcasing serious issues like prejudice on a gameshow.  I suppose I understand that. There are some viewers who tune in simply to watch pretty people wallow in honey.

We long time LIVE FEED viewers have always known different, havent we? We’ve begged CBS to show the un-skewed and unaltered truth. And now they have. I hope they continue to do so.

Personally, I hope Aaryn and Gina Marie stay in the house a while. They provide a very good example you can hold up to your children to say: Look at this girl…She is proof that Just because someone is pretty on the outside, does not mean they aren’t ugly, pathetic and just plain mean within.

Like my mama always taught me…. Pretty is as pretty does.

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