The Campaigning begins in Big Brother 2010.

The next couple of days is always the hardest for the HG’s. No competitions, nothing to do. This is when they start losing it for real.
With the new nominations now fully in play- what to do, what to do?

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These are the days when all deals are cut. All the whispering and backstabbing begins..

Stay Tuned! Later today- I’ll do an in depth analysis on who is likely to vote for whom??

Matt’s backroom deal to be put up as a pawn is a little strange.

He claimed that he was going to act paranoid, and that was all part of his strategy, but will it backfire on him?


Monet, and especially Britney will not go down without a fight.

Scheming in the Hot tub

Stay tuned today, as the real machinations begin! What kind of deals will be wrangled? Does Monet have a chance?

Will Krayden or Brenchel “seal the deal” first? ┬áJump on the LIVE FEEDS and see for yourself!!

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