The HGs in the Celebrity Big Brother 2 house spent most of the morning trying to figure out who had the Power of the Publicist so they would know what their game plan moving forward should be. POV Players were picked and the POV winner was named and that’s when things got really interesting in the house! Keep reading our Celebrity Big Brother spoilers for all the details! 

We started off the feeds pretty quietly. The feeds went down and when they came back up we got clues that the players for the POV were picked, but didn’t get confirmation until much later. We found out that Natalie, Lolo, and Dina were all picked to play in the Power of Veto comp alongside Tom, Joey, and Kandi.

Before the POV comp took place, there were a lot of conversations had. Tom and Kato brought their plan to BD Ricky to Natalie and Lolo. Neither of them wants Joey to stay this week because they both think that if he wins HOH, he will target members of their alliance. They think that they should keep Ricky one more week and take out Joey while they have the chance. Tom and Kato are set on BD’ing Ricky with or without the girls’ approval and are pretty upset that the girls are fighting them so hard on this.

Tom and Kato have come down to the conclusion that if their plan to BD Ricky doesn’t work out, they will have to end their alliance with Lolo and Natalie. Tom has a lengthy conversation with both Natalie and Lolo about their plan. Natalie tells Tom that she doesn’t think the idea of BD’ing Ricky is a bad one, she just thinks that it’s too soon and it leaves her and Lolo unsafe. Tom reminds Natalie about how Ricky didn’t even want to be in the alliance at first, refused to help them name the alliance and then called him a prick in the same day. Then Kato won the HOH and all of a sudden wanted to be part of the group.

A little later in the day, Lolo, Natalie, Tamar, and Joey have a chat about flipping the house and putting up Tom and Kato. He adds that Kato should be the one to go because then Tom would unravel. Lolo doesn’t seem to like this idea. Joey told her all they need to do is win the HOH. Joey tells them that if they can get Ricky, they will have a five-person alliance. Joey even offers to keep noms the same if he wins the POV to avoid Ricky being BD’d and tell the girls they should do the same if they win it.

Tom and Kato talk to Lolo and Natalie again to see if they have come up with a final decision on what they want to do. They tell Tom and Kato that they want to keep Ricky one more week. Kato and Tom then debate how to handle the renom situation and Kato suggests that Tamar be renom’d. Tom worries that she will go crazy over being nominated. Meanwhile, Natalie and Lolo debate whether they should really try to win the POV or throw the comp. Lolo mentions that she wants to win it because she has a bad feeling that Tom might flip on them.

Feeds go down for the Veto comp and when they come back we find out that Natalie won the POV. Natalie tells Lolo and Ricky that she isn’t using the POV and that there is no way she is going to let Tom and Kato run their game. Natalie says she will just tell them that as a member of a five-person alliance, she doesn’t feel comfortable using the POV to BD one of their own.

Tamar then starts asking Lolo and Natalie what their plan is next week if Joey ends up staying. She mentions that she doesn’t want to see Kandi go over Joey. They told her that they would figure it out when they get there. After Tamar leaves the room, they talk about how annoying Tamar is and how she is never happy. They also talk about how keeping Kandi is not going to happen.

Things are going to get interesting as we go into the POV ceremony today and watch as Natalie and Lolo’s plan to turn on Tom and Kato plays out. Make sure you come back later today for POV Ceremony spoilers!

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