It is Eviction Day in the Celebrity Big Brother 2 house! While none of the HGs on the block seem to be nervous, this has the potential to be a very interesting night! If you haven’t read any of the Celebrity Big Brother 2019 spoilers so far this week, I suggest you do that before reading ahead. This post does contain spoilers!

We will start this episode off with a twist that will somehow explain why Anthony Scaramucci isn’t in the house anymore. I’m curious to see how this works out because a lot of us aren’t buying that this was a planned twist. We shall see tonight though. We will then watch as Kandi is put on the block to replace Anthony and then we will then move into a second POV comp. After a new POV winner is crowned, a new POV Ceremony will happen.

Anyone who has read the spoilers knows that Kato won the second POV, saved Tom and Ryan renom’d Joey in his place making Jonathan, Kandi, and Joey the final nominees for this first round.

Based on talks in the house, only two of the three nominees have been considered for eviction. Joey seems to be pretty safe, or as safe as someone on the block can actually be. Kandi, who has rubbed Tamar the wrong way since walking into the house, is not the main target in the house. However, if something were to happen and Kandi were to be evicted, I don’t think anyone would be that upset.

Jonathan actually finds himself at the center of everyone’s radar. He has aligned with Ryan and has made it very known that they are working together. Ryan and Jonathan have upset Lolo by not including her in on the plan even though they were supposed to be in an alliance together and in turn, has upset Natalie as well. Ricky is seeing Jonathan as a bigger threat because of his partnership with Ryan, regardless of how much Tamar tries to convince him that Kandi is the bigger threat.

I think that unless something huge happens in the house between now and eviction tonight, Jonathan will be evicted from the house. Make sure you come back later tonight to find out if my prediction is correct. In the meantime, let me know who you think will be evicted tonight in the comments below or on social media!

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