Over the last few days we have gotten a couple of sneak peeks on the Celebrity Big Brother 2018 feeds. Although, nothing too interesting has happened thus far, we have gotten some information about the game so far and what we have to look forward to seeing this Wednesday on premiere night of Big Brother Celebrity Edition. Keep reading to get all the info on what has been revealed thus far!

Celebrity Big Brother 2018 Live Feeds Sneak Peek Recap

As I said, the kick off of the debut season of Celebrity Big Brother kicks off this Wednesday. I have a full list of the episodes and when they will air right here if you haven’t seen it yet. Last week we learned who the celebrities are that will be on this season of Big Brother Celebrity Edition and now we are getting sneak peeks of the live feeds. If you haven’t signed up for the feeds, make sure to click the ad below for a direct link for the CBS All Access page and help support our site! 

Friday we got our first look at the celebrities inside the Big Brother Celebrity Edition house. It only lasted for about 15 minutes, but we found out that for right now, everyone seems to be getting along. We at this point didn’t know how long the celebs have been in the house. Omarosa was telling Marissa and Shannon that she will not be part of any catty behavior. Somehow I doubt that considering the cattiness from all three seasons of The Apprentice that she was on (not to mention her threatening to punch people in the face if they were mean to Marissa). It seemed like Omarosa, Marissa and Shannon are in an early alliance.

Tonight we got another look inside the Celebrity Big Brother 2018 house and got some more information. The first POV has been played this week. I’m not sure who is in the HOH or who the noms are, but we have a pretty good idea that the POV was a spelling comp. Based on what we saw in the 15 minute sneak peek tonight, it sounds like Shannon could have won the POV comp, but we will have to wait until the show starts! If you want to flashback to the sneak peeks on your own, you can find tonight’s feeds sneak peek at just about 6:02pm BBT.

Judging by the timer on the top of the Live Feeds windows we can look forward to seeing the Live Feeds kick off after the premiere of Celebrity Big Brother airs which will be 12am EST/9pm PST. Make sure you come back Wednesday night for my live recap right here on Big Big Brother!

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