What an interesting week in the Celebrity Big Brother 2018 house. We started this season off with a twist and the nominations were changed because of it. Now we are sitting here waiting to find out which of these unlucky men will be sent home first. Will it be James Maslow who has rubbed some people the wrong way or will it be Chuck Liddell who decided that going after the twist was a good idea?

Celebrity Big Brother 2018 Predictions: Who Will Be Evicted? Round 1

There has been some flip-flopping going on in the Celebrity Big Brother 2018 house already and I have to say, I have no idea how this is going to play out. Tonight we will find out which of these guys will be heading home and which one will stay in the Celebrity Big Brother house one more week. Keep reading to find out who I think will stay and who will go and make sure you come back tonight to find out! 

Tonight we will see how the POV played out, but based on the Live Feeds over the last couple of days, nothing has changed with the nominations. James has been the target from the start because he comes off as a little extremely full of himself and that annoys a lot of people in the house. Then you have Chuck, who knew he was safe (or so he was told) and still went to the DR to ask to open his gift bag that could have contained a re-cast card. Luckily for the women, who all filed into the DR after he did, Keshia’s bag was the one that was opened at the noms ceremony and she had the re-cast card.

The plan was in place to evict James, unless one of the guys played in the POV and saved him. When that didn’t happen it was full speed ahead for James’ eviction. Or so we thought. Shannon, who was the original HOH this week, started campaigning for James to stay by telling everyone that Keshia is playing them and that Keshia will turn on them the second she has the chance.

She managed to somewhat convince many of the HGs to save James, but will they actually vote to evict Chuck? I personally don’t think so. I think that the HGs don’t want to ruffle any feathers the first round. I think that even though this is a condensed season, they might decide to play it safe for now. Which will end up being the nail in their Celebrity Big Brother coffin later on. Make sure you let me know who you think will go home tonight on Celebrity Big Brother with my Big Brother Celebrity Edition poll right here!

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